Maybe Google Glass wasn’t as big of a hit as the company hoped, but wearable tech is definitely still at the forefront of gadget advancements, and the best and brightest examples got a lot of attention at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. The biggest technology show in the world is an ideal place to show off gear that looks cool as an accessory you strap onto your wrist, head, waist, or feet, and also performs valuable functions like health and fitness tracking, internet connectivity, and even pet supervision.

While there were dozens of products on display, some items stood out more than others, and STUFF Magazine compiled a list of the 10 greatest for its CES 2017 Wearable Tech Awards. Check out six of them here, and see the rest over at STUFF.

Misfit Vapor Smart Watch

misfit vapor wearable tech

The Misfit Vapor smart watch ($199) features a full AMOLED touchscreen display, 4GB music storage, built-in GPS, and an optical heart-rate monitor, as well as a two-day battery life. The device gets extra points for its sleek minimalist appearance and the bezel around the edge of the watch face, which acts as a touch wheel.

Motiv Ring

wearable tech motiv ring

Not all of us want to wear watches. Lucky for us, many of the same functions can fit into an even smaller package. The Motiv Ring ($199) doesn’t display any outward cues that it’s any more than an ordinary piece of jewelry. Available in rose gold or grey, it looks like a wedding band, but hidden within it are sensors that can monitor your heart rate, steps, and sleep. It comes with two USB magnetic chargers that fit on a key ring.

Jagger and Lewis Smart Dog Collar

wearable tech smart dog collar

Are you the type of pet owner who frets over how your dog is doing when you’re not at home? The Jagger and Lewis Smart Dog Collar ($200) extends the benefits of wearable tech to our furry friends. An internal accelerometer and gyroscope detect your dog’s movements—and therefore his or her moods and fitness levels.

New Balance RunIQ Smart Watch

 werable tech smart watch new balance

The waterproof New Balance RunIQ is an ideal companion for runners with a heart rate monitor, 4GB music player, built-in GPS, and Bluetooth, plus the Android Wear 2.0 app. You get 24 hours of functionality per charge, or five hours for activities that require the heart rate monitoring to be active.

Casio WSD-F20 Smart Watch

wearable tech casio smart watch

Another smartwatch incorporating Android Wear 2.0 and GPS, the Casio WSD-F20 (price to be announced) builds on its previous model to offer GPS tracking and offline maps, ensuring that you won’t get lost out in the wilderness with no cell signal. It’s also got the kind of rugged, sporty appearance you’d expect in gear that’s aimed at adventurers.

Under Armour Speedform Gemini 3 RE Shoes

under armour wearable tech shoes

Anyone who’s ever pushed themselves too hard in a workout and regretted it will appreciate what these surprisingly smart shoes can do. The Under Armour Speedform Gemini 3 RE trainers (price to be announced) prompt you to perform a series of jumps to test whether you have muscle fatigue, so you can decide whether it’s time to ease up or give yourself a break before you do too much damage. They’ll also give you workout stats!

The future is coming and much of it in the form of wearable technology like these pieces. As long as you have the money, it might be time to get on trend.