Experience all the tranquility of floating in a warm pool of water without actually getting wet in this heated waterbed, customizing the experience with meditative music and your choice of atmospheric colored lighting. The ‘Zerobody’ is a collaboration between designer Cristiano Mino and the brain wellness research company Neocogita, offering many of the benefits of a sensory deprivation tank minus the immersion and potential claustrophobia.

The upholstered bed frame and water-filled mattress recall the waterbeds of yesteryear, but this one isn’t designed for sleeping. Created for workplaces and spas, it not only offers a relaxing place to take a break from the stress of everyday life, but also an environment ideal for the kind of meditation that can lead to creative thinking.

Specially designed meditation sessions by Nu Relax play via headphones from a mobile device set into a side table as you lay back, close your eyes and allow yourself to sink into an enhanced state of relaxation. While floating, your body will stop regulating its temperature and gravitational structure, making it difficult to discern where your body ends and the environment around you begins.

This sense of weightlessness frees up the brain to produce endorphins, and increases theta waves in the brain, patterns typically found in sleeping states. While sensory deprivation chambers are known to cause hallucinogenic effects, this waterbed version is unlikely to have quite the same impact. Still, it’s a fun way to withdraw from the world for a while, and you don’t have to worry about a waterbed popping and leaking all over your bedroom.