Contemporary bathrooms, whether in private homes or public places, tend to be inefficient and poorly designed, using copious amounts of fresh potable water and taking up a lot of space. These three innovative water-saving bathroom concepts compact multiple functions into a single unit, route water from sinks to toilets and improve hygienic conditions.

The Fit System Eco Bath concept by Jang Woo-Seok features a central core supporting a wash basin, and an attached toilet. The water in the commode is half fresh water and half used water from the basin, supplied by pipes hidden within the platform that connects it to the sink. This avoids the waste of precious fresh water, which is unnecessary in toilets.

The Toto Two-in-One Turn-Around Loo by Young Sang Eun eliminates the need for separate urinals and toilets for men and women. It contains both within one sleek and simple unit, with a toilet on one side and a urinal on the other. The seat raises automatically after use, and a self-cleaning system sanitizes it with hot steam and a UV light.

The Home Core Integrated Toilet by Dang Gingwei takes the same tact as the Fit System, containing sink and toilet functions within a single unit and reusing sink water in the toilet basin. A water storage tank below the sink holds used water until it is needed, and you can choose to use fresh water instead if you prefer. Four levels of water control buttons allow you to customize the water pressure in the sink, saving even more water.

“Home core is an integrated toilet, water-saving is the main theme of this design. When users washed their hands with hand-washing pool they can push the button to activate the water tank to store the water or not. The tap have four button to control the water flow, it can save the water when user adjusting the flow. As a integrated toilet, it combine foldable mirror table plate and drawer make user feel more convenient and comfortable.”