transforming five-room apartment

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With some apartments that measure just under 650 square feet, mixed-used building De Rotterdam gives residents just a small amount of space on paper. But in action, the tiny apartments are more than meets the eye.

living room bed

The apartments provide room for living, working, and sleeping – and they are surprisingly functional. In the living room, a sofa sits up against one wall which sports a little shelf. At night, the wall folds down – shelf, decorations and all – right on top of the couch to become a roomy bed.

office bed

In the other room, a workstation provides ample space in which to work or study. And when it’s time to rest, another bed pulls down right atop the desk. There’s no need to even clear small objects (such as a laptop or a stack of papers and books) off of the desk first.

pull out tables

chair wall art

If the residents are adventurous enough to invite company over, the small coffee table can be pulled out and extending leaves placed on top to accommodate everyone. Colorful panels on the wall which look like art are suddenly revealed to be cleverly disguised folding chairs.

Although the space is tiny, the functionality of the transforming furniture is astonishing. The designers have created what equates to a five-room apartment in just two rooms and a very small footprint.