There are people who can travel light, and there are people who have to take everything they own with them when they travel. If you fall into the latter category, the My Bag washbasin from Ceramica Olympia might appeal to your travel sensibilities.


The very odd washbasin design got its name from its most noticeable attribute: its portability. The ceramic basin is contained in a travel box complete with a handle for carrying it around. When closed, the detachable tap and lots of other items can fit into the basin, really turning it into a suitcase.


According to Ceramica Olympia, My Bag is “a wink at vanity” – a tongue-in-cheek comment, perhaps, on the type of person who must always have his or her belongings nearby while traveling. Or perhaps it would be best used in small homes where space is at such a premium that a removable sink would be the ideal space-saving measure.


The portable basin rests on a wooden base resembling a luggage rack, another nod to its portable nature. The basin can be accessorized with a number of other functional pieces such as a soap dispenser, leather storage compartments, and a number of other clever little hideaways for all of your bathroom bits and bobs.