mg12 towel warmers

For homes with lucky residents, towel warmers are a luxurious part of the bathroom landscape. Fantastic though they may be, towel warmers aren’t the most handsome of bathroom appliances. This line of warmers from Brazilian designer Monica Geronimi breaks the mold and puts some seriously sexy hardware on the bathroom wall.

sculptural towel warmers

The collection, known as I Geometrici, consists of sculptural towel warmers that add an artistic element to the bathrooms they inhabit. A departure from the typical tubular metal warmers that hang on the walls and look a bit industrial, the I Geometrici towel warmers are equal parts functional and decorative.

artistic sculptural towel warmers mg12

Because of their larger surface areas, the I Geometrici pieces warm towels more efficiently than their smaller counterparts. They are more energy efficient as a result, requiring less electricity to get your towels nice and toasty and ready for you to wrap up in after your bath.

childrens towel warmer racks

The line includes warmers with shelves, mirrored fronts, unique shapes, and even those meant especially for kids. The line is made entirely in Italy and perfectly exemplifies what every good bathroom accessory should be: accessible, useful, and beautiful.