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With strong International Style elements, it could be something straight out of Mies’s or Corbu’s mind, but for one of the most prominent distinguishing features: organic local-stone cladding prominently wrapping all the exterior walls, and a likewise rough-masonry rocks forming the fireplace within.

So how did this home for a New York City couple end up stitching such different design threads together? Enrique Saulle grew up in Uruguay, where it is located, but he and Pilar Acevedo brought to this project Brooklyn design sensibilities (inspiring, for instance, the thick-metal, large-panel fenestration).

Other pieces and parts came together in various ways, including trading their professional translation skills for an antique bathtub, and bringing with them stainless steel appliances from NYC to their new remote three-bedroom home and work-space retreat.

The result is a lovely medley that somehow manages to work as a hole – an International Style home on stilts (mixed with locally-quarried stones) and large urban loft windows all over, reminding one of multiple global homes … and all working together afford amazing views of the surrounding landscapes from every room in the house. (via The New York Times with images by Cristobal Palma).