Wall Art

In 2014, living in Copenhagen with his wife and two kids, Troels Fonsboel had a lightbulb moment and launched his initial campaign to raise money for a new wall art company, Wallz.

Turns out his campaign to attract financial backers on Kickstart was inspired: “I never expected such a success but I am forever grateful being able to do what I love – making wall art!”

Wallz Copenhagen - Danish Wall Art

Easy does it

“I wanted to create an opportunity for decorating walls in a new and unique way, allowing people to personalize the walls and create their own atmosphere,” according to Fonsboel on the Wallz website.

You may think you have about as much artistic ability as Picasso’s pet dog, but fear not. With Wallz, anyone can turn a blank interior wall into a masterpiece.

Build your chosen design

Billed as a “new Danish design concept giving you endless possibilities for stunning and innovative wall decorations,” Wallz basically consists of adhesive-backed tiles of EHA foam – the commonplace material that makes flip-flops and mats – together with your own inner vision.  Just get creative, channel the artistic muse and apply to the wall!

Wallz Wall Art Box

By November 2015 Fonsboel’s product was selling in selected retail outlets in Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s also now available online.

So, what’s in the box? Well, pretty much whatever you need to create stuff on your walls using the foam tiles provided, together with simple instructions, help and inspiration:

  • 800 tiles in colors black or grey
  • Instructions
  • Most popular designs to choose from
  • Templates and guidelines
  • Inspiration
  • Link to the online design library

Wallz Wall Art Display Stand

We all know that sinking feeling when you first set eyes on the myriad segments of a jigsaw puzzle. It’s just loads of bits of stuff! But when you open the Wallz box of tricks, don’t panic. It may just look like a pile of felt tiles, but this is a fantastic opportunity for a meditative experience, resulting in anything from Marilyn Monroe to the Eiffel Tower wall art, applied by your own fair hands in your very own space.


Be inspired!

Wallz Wall Art - Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge, London – Approximate time: 3 hours

Wallz Wall Art, Denmark

The Eiffel Tower, Paris – 4 hours

Wallz Wall Art template

A panda bear! 3 hours

Wallz Wall Art - template

Amaze with a maze – 4 hours

Design templates are provided in the box, complete with instructions and likely length of time required to complete. Though if you don’t want your hand holding every step of the way and you prefer to think outside the box, just make up your own designs.

Or as it says on the Wallz website: “Simply choose the design best fit for your surroundings, style and personality and set the Wallz Copenhagen tiles on the wall, as shown in the design template.”

Wallz Wall Art foam tile

The adhesive won’t stain – there’s maybe a temporary mark of residual foam that can be easily wiped off if you want to start again. The EVH tiles are lightweight, resistant to wear and they stick to any wall surface. They can be reused between five and 10 times, so if you mess up, or just get bored with your creation, why not reboot and rejig?

So, we take our hats off to Troels Fonsboel – you got the idea, you got the money together. Now contemporary wall art can be easily applied and simply created! It can even be, for the more adventurous among us –  fairly off-the-wall.