Unfortunately for plants, they can’t tell you when they are being neglected, but this odd little vase gives your flowers a voice. The Water Balance vase was designed by┬áRisako Matsumoto as part of the Design Soil collective and offers a unique way to ensure your cut flowers never run out of water.

The vase is made of a simple piece of white ash, a fulcrum attached to the wall, and a movable weight. When you place a cut flower and some water in the vase, you also move the weight into the correct position to hold the piece of wood level.

As the water evaporates, the vase rises and the weight slowly drops. The subtle, incredibly slow movement gives a voice to the flower which would otherwise simply wilt in silence. The vase is a lovely visual reminder of those quiet errands we must tend to every day, and it allows a cut flower to bloom at least a few days longer thanks to your regular watering.