wall rug art

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We have all run our toes over a household carpet, rug or mat to create patterns of the perturbed surfaces – shadows casting differently depending on the angle of the fibers we move around with our feet. Someone has taken this idea and applied it with a greater intentionality than ever as part of a curious hanging wall carpet somewhere between art and decor.

wall hanging rug design

Tens of thousands of tiny fibers, spread across ten square feet of wall, come together in this clever design. Each fiber is attached via a socket joint to make it the right balance of firm and flexible – far easier to create patterns in than your typical home carpet.

wall hanging art decor

While this artistic rug idea by Giles Miller is a great first step, it seems almost a shame to merely hang the finished product on a wall – would this not also work great as an amazing floor mat or even entire room-sized carpet?