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Book lovers, get ready to drool. The book shop inside the Conarte Library in Monterrey, Mexico is a stunning architectural tribute to the beauty of books. The reading area features rhomboid shelves made of pinewood; as they recede into the back of the room they twist and bend to create a mesmerizing optical illusion.


Design firm Anagrama designed the unique structure with the intention of creating an illusion of disconnection with the outside world. That contributes to a peaceful environment in which readers can just let go, forget about daily life, and melt into a great book.



Gentle overhead lighting and a lighted arch at the back of the bookshelf structure make the space feel almost like a cathedral. This is where you come to worship books and meditate on stories.



Built-in bench seats, intersected by a staircase, lead up to the back of the room. If you look carefully, you’ll notice a subtle gradient paint job going from a soft blue in the front to a gentle green at the back. The colors emphasize the overall feeling and sensation of being uplifted by this glorious tribute to the experience of reading.