WinSun 3D printed home image

Designing your dream house and having it built just where you want it? There’s nothing particularly interesting about that. But if you could go from zero to fully built house in just 24 hours, that would be pretty impressive. Chinese company WinSun used an enormous machine to create this stunning 3D-printed home, a 12,000 square foot luxury mansion. The “ink” used in the printer is a mixture of recycled building materials: stone, cement, and fiber – and a secret ingredient they call “Crazy Magic Stone.”

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WinSun 3D printed home courtyard

To build the home’s components, WinSun built an enormous 3D printer measuring 20 feet high, 33 feet wide and 132 feet long. Each component – like the frame and walls – was printed separately by an extruder arm laying down one layer of recycled “ink” at a time. The printer was guided by a CAD design template to create the necessary pieces.

WinSun 3D printed house process

The pieces are built with strong diagonal reinforcements which leave space for traditional installation once they are on site. Once there, the walls are reinforced with steel, fitted with insulation, and joined together to create the finished structure.

WinSun 3D printing technique

WinSun has worked for more than a decade to perfect their “ink” formula and 3D printing process. The structures they make with it are lighter, more eco-friendly, and far easier to build than with traditional construction techniques. The company plans to build 100 recycling centers around China to gather materials for future projects.

WinSun 3D printed house interior

More details from WinSun

“Crazy Magic Stone (Chinese name: Ying Heng Shi) is an artificial stone WinSun self-develops, and it is produced by four continuous printer on a flow production line. Inorganic, slimness, high strength and large size are its most distinguished characteristics. Crazy Magic Stone is such ;a decorative panel that is extracted from natural stone, and vividly reflects the texture of natural stone, but which overall performanc eis superior to natural stone. It can be applied in external and internal walls, floors and roof.”