vinyl wall art
Information graphics have never been more popular, and removable vinyl wall stickers likewise never seem to go out of style. Hu2 designers clearly had a similar revelation when they designed to produce decorative adhesives with more meaning and purpose than your typical kids car or princess.
vinyl wall stickers
While a few are just plain while and only meant to be entertaining, most of these wall stickers carry more than a message – they contain well-styled instructions for life, from reminders not to forget your essential stuff when leaving home and guides to organizing your cables and cords to instructions for filling up the bath tub, uncorking wine bottles and mixing cocktails.
vinyl sticker art decor

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For bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, child, teen or adult, there is some clever wall sticker that will work for pretty much any person or room. And for those of us who hate spending a lot of time and money coming up with clever decorations, well, this saves us the hassle of having to be creative and adds a bit of spice to any (or every) room and wall of the house.