retro futuristic faucet design

To be fair: there is no real mistaking this object for an actual vintage vehicle. It is, though, one of those things you realize as soon as someone points it out: there is something dynamic and quite car-like about the forms of these faucets, which constitute an unusual tribute to the classic Chrysler Desoto.

retro multifunctional faucets

Regardless of the inspiration, however, the idea works. The asymmetrical shape bends and twists into a both functional and visually-pleasing piece of bathroom hardware – and one likely to look good (much like its vehicular forerunner) even after some rust and wear on the metallic parts. As the designer images illustrate, one can imagine these working well with virtually any backdrop – including an ultramodern or rusticated bathroom interior.

retro futuristic rustic bathroom faucet

A built-in circular slot allows users to place various accessories above the sink, including anything from a small vase or single cup to decorative rocks or pieces of soap. A swivel handle on the side provides visual balance in the opposite direction while the forward-pointing faucet piece completes the picture and rounds out the overall offbeat design from FIMACF.