Timber Speaker 1

This isn’t a pair of delicate, sculptural fruit bowls – it’s a functioning speaker set made of wood and glass, materials chosen for their acoustic properties. Designer Casey Lin eliminated all of the unsightly plastic components found in typical speakers, refining the Timbre Speaker to a simple and elegant form.

Timbre Speaker 2

While most speakers don’t exactly make for pleasing home decor, this set is an art piece, designed to be shown off in a prominent spot like the mantel or a display shelf.

Timbre Speaker 3

Essential electronic parts are hidden within the black walnut base, with the power ports in the back. A combined power and volume knob is the only visible control. The streamlined box is the speaker itself, containing the surface transducers that vibrate the wooden surface.

Timbre Speaker 4

The glass vessels do a little something extra, acting as physical equalizers as the vibrations transfer from the wood into the glass, altering the sound. They can be rotated by the user to adjust treble and bass.