Light Shape tiles

Designs that fit multiple purposes can be great ways around difficult interior design problems. These bathroom tile lights are no exception. They provide a stylish and simple way to avoid cluttering your bathroom wallscape with unnecessary hardware and finding one more set of fixtures to fit your aesthetic. Why can’t more modern bathroom designs problem solve in such an elegant way?

Tiles with LED backlighting

Illuminated Tiles by Graniti Fiandre

The “Light Shape” series of LED-embedded modern bathroom tiles from Graniti Fiandre can be arrayed in patterns or put in indvidiually as stand-alone tile lights – their variability is also a great design asset. Also, spaced out they can provide more even mood lighting to an entire room. If you install them yourself, you have control over the pattern, so you can use them to create any shape or effect you like.

This simple solution to modern integrated bathroom lighting keeps every surface waterproof and easy to clean, and it looks beautiful, too.

Illuminated Light Shape tile design

Italian manufacturer Graniti Fiandre is known for its high end porcelain tile, and is proud to offer over 450 materials that have been LEED-certified for high performance sustainability. 70 Fiandre products are made using eco-friendly recycled resources. Fiandre believes in combining pure, high quality materials with the most advanced technology for long-lasting results that are always on trend.

“Fiandre has accomplished the LEED requirements (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the system used to assess energy-environmental quality with the ultimate goal of high performance ‘green’ buildings that respect nature. The company was also recently added to the list of members of the Green Building Council, testimony of its dedication to the values of environmental eco-sustainability.”

“Right from the very start, Fiandre was strongly motivated towards its connotation as an innovative company, with high technological content and forward-looking vision. It was the first of the companies in the industry to believe in porcelain tile and in a 20×20 cm format, which was considered remarkable in the 1960s. It continued with undeniable success along a path marked by victory, consolidating its business in all the markets acquired over the years, creating a widespread network of showrooms which became leading-edge examples for the world of architecture.”