eclipse clock 1

Whether you live some kind of magical lifestyle where the precise time is an unnecessary detail or just want to pretend you do on the weekends, the Eclipse Clock by artist Iván Navarro will ensure that you have only the vaguest idea of the hour. The LED timepiece is a functional sculpture that slowly changes throughout the day in a manner that mimics a solar eclipse.

eclipse clock 2

An LED light source with digitally-controlled movements sandwiched between layers of acrylic and glass creates the illusion of an eclipse. The clock starts out dark at midnight, with a crescent of light growing larger each hour until it overtakes the entire spun aluminum casing at noon.

eclipse clock 3

The circle also contains the word ‘Petrification,’ which becomes more visible as the day goes on. Navarro’s first consumer creation, the clock is a collaboration with designer Robert Nightingale, who says of the artist’s design process “Iván also wanted to use the clocks face as a communication medium and the word ‘Petrification was engraved into the surface, he described this – ‘as a deliberate reference to the archaeological process wherein historical time is consecrated through layers upon layers of organic sediments.'”

eclipse clock 4

“After further light tests in color, we settled on the pure white face, warm light and the raw aluminum bezel, which has direct connections to many of Iván’s more industrial art projects.”