Secure V-shaped door lock

Locking and unlocking the front door when it is well-lit is as simple as stick and twist, but trying to find that little key hole in the dark can be a real pain – and what good are secure entry doors if you cannot get in and hide behind, close and lock them?

Clever home security idea

This is one of those so-simple-and-obvious designs that you almost have to wonder why no one has thought of it: not only does it provide a simple channel for sliding your key down into the lock each and every time, but its distinct shape makes the entire lock housing easier to find in the first place while groping around in poor lighting. Now if only its inventor Junjie Zhang also made it light up on contact to help you while you are fumbling with your keys to figure out which one will actually fit.

Fingerprint scanning door lock

Of course, technology has provided a few new ways to get around the problem of a dim entryway as well. New high-tech fingerprint scanning door handles make accessing a home, office or place of business as easy as can be — you literally just have to lift a finger.

Mechanical keypad door lock

On the other hand, try fumbling around in the dark or with slightly less motor function than usual with this “dial-a-door” mechanical keypad entry featuring rings of numbers built into the handle. Far more difficult to use than a standard keypad entry, it requires you to spin each individual wheel to find the right number. It doesn’t help that the wheels are black and the numbers are so tiny, they’re arguably pretty hard to read.

Thief proof puzzle lock

If you’re a real glutton for punishment, you can make leaving your house just as hard with a labyrinth chain lock that requires a minimum of brainpower to figure out. Yeah yeah — make your jokes about keeping yourself out of the refrigerator at midnight.