Fashion trends seem to change almost daily. Furniture style preferences shift a little more slowly, but Urban Outfitters isn’t counting on that slow movement in 2019. Instead, they’ve introduced five phenomenal furniture collections to satisfy not only every taste but every budget.

The lines include more than 80 stunning, unique pieces that can complement rooms of almost any size or color palette. Styles range from sleek and modern, to retro and iconoclastic, to classic and antique. Materials vary from metal and rattan to rubberwood, lightweight Scandinavian wood, and mango wood. Any collection you or piece you choose can help make your home the ideal place to kick back, relax and enjoy the onset of autumn.

Aria Curved Metal Collection

Concentrating on tubular forms for frames and bases, the Aria Curved Metal Collection cuts a minimalist profile from bedroom to living room. Thin legs and inset fine points give the beds a delicate quality, a rack built to showcase record collections is ideal for a den or living room, and the white-on-white theme throughout is smartly smashing. Prices for beds are under $600, racks and small tables are under $200.

Huxley Mid Century Modern Collection

Tree-huggers will love the Huxley Mid Century Modern Collection for its stylish use of rubberwood—hailed as “environmentally friendly” since it comes from plantation trees that have already served a practical purpose. The dense grain of rubberwood is aesthetically appealing, and less likely to warp or shrink than other materials.

The rich wooden finish of the pieces in this line is warm and inviting, and the collection features nostalgic pieces from the mid-20th century. The assortment is designed for smaller spaces and is priced mid-range.

Lita Wood Slatted Collection

If you’re a fan of sleek, modern lines and light-as-air wood that pairs well with casually draped upholstery and chic slatted styles, the Lita Wood Slatted Collection will fulfill your decorating desires. From storage cabinets with adjustable rods and drawers, to kitchen carts that make entertaining easy, the pieces in this group are a little pricier than the others, but accordingly elegant.

Mikko Rattan Collection

Combining rattan and metal, the Mikko Rattan Collection harkens back to the diverse styles of the 60s and 70s, updating those older designs with refinement and class. Curved rattan over sections of exposed iron add a welcoming flair to the beds, and from settee sofas to bedroom dressers, the pieces have a warm, comfortable feel. Prices range from $180 for a nightstand to $800 for beds and chests of drawers.

Virginia Carved Wood Collection

Classicists will swoon over the Virginia Carved Wood Collection. This bedroom set features carved mango wood accented by metal, and includes a simple, mid-century vanity with a curvy tri-fold mirror. Whether you choose a natural wood finish or opt for the white collection, the vintage lines and tastefully underplayed details evoke old-fashioned romance. This collection is priced in the midrange—from the vanity listed at $480 to the queen bed at $800.

The new collections are available in full online. Select pieces are for sale in designated showrooms nationwide.