There is something mesmerizing about the semi-organic, semi-structured forms of urban street grids. Abstracting the forms of famous metropolitan center, each piece in this set of metal serving bowls is a detail-stripped scale model – a miniature cityscape that whimsically combines sculpture, representation and reality.

The first bowl by Frederik Roije shows the city of Amsterdam, folded up at the edges (an unreal concavity) but naturally semi-circular, lending itself to the purpose. The rhythm of spokes radiating out from the center is connected like a spiderweb by the roads between canals.

New York City is about as different as a city gets, the regular cross-hatched grid of North-and-South streets intersecting the East-And-West ones along the length of Manhattan island. If this series continues, it will be fascinating to see the contrasts between other cities of the world both old and new, from the spread-out car-centric Los Angeles to the antiquated chaos of ancient-turned-modern Rome.