3d twisted extrusion architecture

What makes these surreal structures uncanny is their near-believability. While the buildings are not quite impossible, in most cases, these renderings stretch the limits of the improbable. The settings are almost exclusively mundane – boring gray skyscrapers, with a twist (or a bend, depending).

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3d geometric edited skyscrapers

The story of illustrator Víctor Enrich begins and ends with art, though brief flirtations and flings with urban design and architecture came along the way.

3d desert tower

In the end, and perhaps not a shock to those viewing his work, real-world construction limited the potential of his imagination.

3d warped postmodern rendering

What started as sketches at age ten evolved into computer models as a teen, developing into ever-more-realistic photography edits as the artist aged with the available tools.

3D zipper building rendering

In his own words: “The works tend to resurrect the urban form, probably the most overlooked field of the architectural world … the cities of today have not been designed.”

3d impossible infinite staircase

“Most of them were never designed, so what we see is the result of very random processes of addition and subtraction of objects, buildings, roads etc, pending on strong private economic interests.”

3d skyscraper with slides

“There is a background process of understanding the city at a geometric level. Urban spatialities are analyzed and described in order to rescue the anonymity of them by applying all kinds of geometric operations that the buildings themselves inspire.”

About Victor:

“Urban form, in all its versatility, represents the exploration core of Barcelona-based Víctor Enrich. This Catalan-born artist (1976), who attended college studies at the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB), had already manifested a big devotion to the geometry of cities during his childhood years, a passion which has evolved into his actual artistic practice. Organic deformations, heavy structures set to fly or long-distance displacements are just few of the wide range of actions that Enrich applies to ‘his’ buildings with the aim to uncover what is hidden in every architectonic structure, a set of actions whose execution wouldn’t be possible unless by combining two of Enrich’s most passionately loved fields of knowledge: Digital Photography and 3D Rendering.”