small space indoor hydroponic aquaponic system

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Urban farming has exploded in popularity in recent years, with even the least experienced among us growing vegetables and herbs inside apartments, on rooftops, or on balconies. A device called Aqualibrium was developed by two law students who also happen to be aquaponics experts.

indoor aquaponics vegetable system

The Aqualibrium is modular in nature and designed to be used in smallish spaces such as urban apartments. The plants grown in the system require no soil and can be used to provide fresh food all year. Two configurations are possible: an aquaponics setup which allows fish to live in the bottom and provide nutrients for the plants, and a plant-only hydroponic system.

aquaponics indoor grow system

Each unit is about four feet tall and two feet wide. A waterproof LED grow light helps the veggies mature, while the bottom chamber (with or without fish) holds 13 gallons of water to keep the plants moisturized. The indoor-grown food is safe and healthy to eat thanks to the fact that the Aqualibrium system requires no fertilizers or pesticides.