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Fresh herbs are integral to a well-prepared meal, and growing them right in your kitchen within arm’s reach of your prep counter couldn’t be more convenient. But few kitchen herb planters make the process of planting, growing and harvesting them easier than the Verdure, which requires no more effort than a bit of water every now and then.

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It doesn’t matter whether you have a black thumb or even a windowless kitchen; the Verdure makes indoor herb gardening as automatic as it can be. You simply plant seeds in the soil sponges, place them inside the designated trays, and add water. The plants grow upside-down.

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A battery-powered halogen light helps the herbs thrive, and a transparent cover protects them from steam and oil while you’re cooking. Pour water into the reservoir, and the soil sponges will automatically soak it up as needed. A water level indicator on the front tells you when you need to add more.

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When you’re ready to harvest, just pick up the included pair of scissors, trim away and your cuttings will fall into the removable tray at the base.