Working from home is great, but it can be hard to resist all the distractions that present themselves there: kids, pets, the refrigerator, and of course, your comfortable bed. If you have space in your backyard, a separate structure could be the key to better concentration. A great new option comes in the form of Muuw, a prefab modular work pod by Estonia-based Muuwspace. Strikingly modern and comfortable, the tiny cabin has a fun hexagonal shape that plays up views of its outdoor surroundings.

Modern Muuw Backyard Work Pod set up in a lush green backyard setting.

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The idea for Muuw started during the pandemic when Tommy Truup, an expert in steel fabrication, decided he wanted to create work-from-home spaces that could also act as backyard retreats. Truup founded Muuwspace and designed his ideal one-room escape, with a shape inspired by beehives and the carbon structures in human cells.

View of the steel Muuw work pod from above.

Cozy interior of the Muuw Backyard Work Pod can be customized to create your perfect work-from-home environment.

Three of the pod’s six walls are floor-to-ceiling windows, so the 100-square-foot space feels much more expansive than it really is. Insulated glazing from Saint-Gobain features a metallic blue external reflection so you can maintain privacy and avoid getting overheated.

Reflective glass outside the Muuw backyard work pod allows the interiors to stay private while still enjoying views of the outdoors.

The cabin is constructed from durable galvanized steel, insulated fully for all climates, and capable of withstanding a heavy snow load on its roof. It also boasts luxurious floor heating, a quiet speed-controllable ventilation system, dimmable LED lights inside and out, a triple-glazed aluminum entry door, wall-integrated speakers, five electrical sockets, and two separate USB charging sockets. It even comes with an attached terrace with a frame made of hot dip galvanized steel.

Woman works inside her Muuw backyard work pod as night falls.

Small steel terrace attached to the Muuw backyard work pod is illuminated by an overhead light as the sun sets.

A variety of interior finishes are available for the Muuw backyard work pod, including oak laminate on the ceiling and walls. The outdoor deck and screen at the entrance of the pod can be made of ash or pine wood. Buyers customize the Muuw to their liking and send the order to Muuwspace’s factory, where it’s built and delivered to the installation site in separate pieces. Assembly takes just one or two days depending on access to the installation site, which could be a backyard, garden, terrace, or even remote land. The whole thing is delivered on the back of a truck.

Muuw backyard work pod set up on remote land.

“Muuw can be used as an add-on to your main home or placed in a completely separate area of your choice – depending on whether you’d use it for focused work, productivity, reading, self-development, hobbies, or full relaxation,” the company says. “The interior is a calming, personal space – fitting snugly inside the building’s hexagonal structure. Each Muuw space boasts modern interiors and vast, panoramic views.”

Gorgeous views of the water from the cozy interior of the Muuw backyard work pod.

“The unique exterior design also feels incredibly contemporary, using minimalistic materials combined with warm, traditional wood that’s sure to attract everyone’s attention. Just picture yourself stood in the Muuw, looking out over the horizon – we guarantee it will provide you with the feeling that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, with relaxation being the key to productivity and accomplishment.”

Woman stands outside her Muuw prefab work pod as the sun sets.

Pricing for each Muuw pod starts at $32,000, depending on the options you choose. Muuwspace is currently able to deliver and assemble the pods throughout Europe and the United States, including the UK, Ireland, Norway, and Switzerland. It takes 8 to 16 weeks to receive your Muuw after ordering.