silo homes converted
Grain silos are everywhere and as urbanization continues apace there are more and more of them that go unused. Like shipping container homes, these leftover structures offer a wealth of unused and open but sturdily supported interior space that can be adaptively reused in creative ways. Some people have turned grain silos into homes while other have figured out that a grain silo hotel is a marketable commodity.
grain silo home converted
Though the exterior is an almost comical combination of a conventional porch and a historical industrial grain silo, the inside accommodations at this grain silo inn are hotel or lodge quality all around, with white walls and soft wood colors throughout – a truly upcycled living space.
grain silos
Even more industrious in scope is this collection of three silos that are joined by new construction and punctured by added openings to form a luxury converted bed-and-breakfast silo complex.
grain silo rustic home

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At the somewhat less luxurious end of the spectrum (though still impressively modified) is this DIY grain silo home by some industrious green-minded builders. Some used windows and doors, hay bales for insulation, a pair of solar power collectors and a few months later and this two-story abode was ready to be lived in.