upcycled recycled stool design
Steamer trays and wooden chopsticks are some of the most ubiquitous trash objects in China – and are thus the perfect candidates to upcycle into something useful and durable at the ends of their short and eventual first lives, like this simple (but also functional and comfortable) wood stool design by B.A.S.E.
upcycling wooden chopstick stool

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While it might look utilitarian at first glance, this hybrid upcycled object is more crafty and comfortable that it initially appears. The stacked steamer trays are light-weight but also critically hollow so that a flexible foam insert can be added in the middle. This padding combined with the free-to-move chopsticks sitting on top make it so that the stool has give when sat upon – how many brand new stools can boast such clever funtionality, let alone recycled ones?