Once was Lost Table

Upcycling is often thought of as a refining process, the act of making something into a more elegant and acceptable form with a greater inherent value. This artistic wood table by Thomas Forsyth, cobbled together from pieces of other used tables and chairs, challenges that definition of ‘upcycle’ and suggests that there can be artistic ways to transform old objects and used materials into new and abstract household items as creative as they are useful.

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Once was Lost strange table

To begin with, the legs of the table are connected at odd angles and make it seem as if the furniture itself were on the move, walking or growing or evolving as it goes. As with its Frankensteinian parts, the table also seems to defy easy typecasting – is it a dining, smoking, tavern or other type of table, or just a surreal combination?

“A bespoke, up-cycled, wooden coffee table. Inspired by fairytales and comissioned by a private client. Fine carpentry and joinery, with hand turned legs and miniature drawer.”

Once was Lost sculptural table legs

Adding to the layered pieces of oak and pine are other scraps of times past, from aged coins and keys to other pieces and parts of furniture objects now lost. Whether or not you would buy and use such a table, the design begs the question: what is the value of an antique and is it tied to the original form or the objects that are part of it?

Once was Lost tiny drawer

“With over 10 years experience, Thomas Forsyth has a diverse background as a creative consultant, designer and master maker, with a deep knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes. His broad range of experience spans from client relations and project management, to design development and CAD model drawing, to hands on making, building and prototyping. Additionally, he also has a good understanding of electronics, micro-controllers, C++ code and programming.”

Once was Lost black table

“As well as working solo, Thomas often works and collaborates with his extended network of colleagues and companies. He can help you develop and refine your ideas to meet the challenges of creating three-dimensional objects, as well as providing the extra team members, makers and skilled hands on your existing job. He can also provide the trustworthy, experienced management, manufacture and production to see your project smoothly through to the final stages of realization.”