floating balloon chair
Balloons are the objects of whimsical scenes and ridiculously adorable plans, like the several people who have tried to fly away using balloon power alone. The wonder and whimsy of floating balloons is recreated in the Balloon Chair from Japanese design firm h220430.
balloon chair le ballon rouge
The chair was inspired by the 1953 French movie “Le Ballon Rouge,” in which the main character floats above the streets of Paris thanks to a bunch of balloons. The red legless leather Balloon Chair appears to be floating away under the power of ten red balloons. In reality, the chair is attached to the wall, which actually gives the feeling of floating above the world.
unpoppable ballons balloon chair

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These balloons have no risk of deflating or popping since they are made of thick but soft plastic. The designers believe – and we tend to agree – that sitting in the Balloon Chair can inspire creativity and positive thoughts. How could you help but be happy in a chair that lifts you from the earth toward the sky?