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Perhaps this design is best viewed as social commentary – its creator comes, after all, from a country with a mixed history in terms of police, privacy and security.

Nikita Kovalev of Moscow, Russia, has created this series of Bang-Bang handles to mirror the official weapon of the Soviet (and after) law enforcement – hard to imagine getting used to gripping such a thing each day to go between rooms (let alone both ways).

An elegant replica, it terminates midway up the barrel, and is shown in a variety of sleek finishes – including almost disturbingly elegant silvers and golds.

A summary of the source firearm: “9 mm Makarov (PM, GRAU index – 56-A-125, unofficial name – “Makarov”, “Makar”, “Macaroni,” “Makarych”) – semi-automatic pistol, designed by the Soviet designerNikolai Fyodorovich Makarov, in 1948. MP from 1951 until now is the personal weapon of the Soviet and post-Soviet armed forces and law enforcement.”