If you’re big on outdoor adventures, chances are you’ve got a lot of gear at your place. Most of it is designed for a specific purpose: backpacking, car camping, hammock camping, kayaking, paddle boarding…the list can go on and on, depending on what you’re into. But what if you could ditch some of it in favor of a single item that transitioned seamlessly between land, water, and even air?

New from Tentsile, the company known for its robust and colorful tree tents, the “Universe” is “the world’s first three-element tent” designed to float, hang, or set up on the ground. That means it can serve as a generously sized party tent, a portable treehouse, and a paddleboard shelter with just a few adjustments in between. One of the primary features that makes this possible is an inflatable base that acts as both a mattress and a floatation device.

When used on the ground, the Universe looks like a fairly normal tent, albeit an extra-spacious one with room for up to five adults or a large family. A full 5.9 feet of headroom allows many people to stand upright inside it, and the internal living area is accented by three large porches for a total of 237 square feet of floor space. It takes about 15 minutes to complete the “ground mode” setup, and everything you need packs up into a bag on wheels.

In the air, the Universe is like a larger version of Tentsile’s most popular tree tent products. Whereas camping hammocks generally only fit one person at a time (and only in a lying or sitting position at that), the Tentsile Universe is a full-sized elevated tent. In this mode, it comfortably fits three adults (or two adults and two children) along with gear, and its inflatable base is more than rigid enough to walk on.

But the coolest way to use the Universe is definitely on the water. Here’s what the company has to say about that:

“Whether you’re looking to lounge lakeside, float out to your favourite fishing spot, or simply have a fun-packed swimming accessory for the kids, the Tentsile Universe is your oyster! Designed in conjunction with Glide paddleboards, its three-inch drop stitch inflatable floor combines with the 3000HH high-quality rainfly to create a floating structure you can take for a relaxing day out on the water.”

“The Universe converts from a family-sized tree or ground tent to water mode in less than five minutes! Simply remove the insect mesh and roll back the rainfly doors to create an incredibly stable three-person SUP-style raft with unbeatable views. Thanks to its rigid structure and sunshade, kids can use this as a swimming pontoon to play on all day long!”

“The fun doesn’t stop on the water! This multifunctional all-terrain product has been specifically designed with family camping adventures in mind. The Tentsile Universe can be used as a spacious ground tent, or it can be set up as one of our more traditional tree tents and elevate your camping experience.”

Check out all of the Tentsile Universe’s bells and whistles on the brand’s website, where it retails for $1,999.