broken glass mirror art

If shattering a single mirror brings seven years of bad luck, this artist is in for a rough decade or so. Definitely not made to fit in a frame, these wall-mounted works are each one-of-a-kind creations best viewed when back-lit to show the mosaic of imperfections within their rectangular form.

broken glass unique mirrors

Anyone who has seen the broken screen of a cell phone or cracks in a window knows there is a kind of art within the chaos and destruction. By selectively chipping and cracking away at a solid piece of mirrored glass, Hye-Yeon Kim creates unique objects of artisan decor.

broken glass decorative wall mirrors

The results are something between controlled craft and abstract artwork – there is no way to completely control the cracks the propagate through the surface, but they can be guided to creates shapes recognizable as fish, flowers, leaves and other natural objects.