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Designs like these starts with a simple slip of language sometimes: ‘hey, what if instead of tees we went with teas – little bags that look like shirts?’ someone asks, and the rest is history – a casual language choice becomes a creative and unique new design idea. Anyone want to try on a tiny tee bag, or wear a tea shirt? Confusing, sure, but clever and cute as well.

Like colorful plastic hangers in miniature form and an alternate material, the triangular paper tops of each tea bag suspend the t-shirt-shaped transparent form below – which can then drop off into a cup while remaining connected via a string like its more conventionally-shaped cousin.

Of course this iteration is fairly simple – limited hanger-only color options, simple white tee shirts and so forth, but now imagine if designer t-shirt companies get into the mix? Who knows, we could see tee bags from the big names come to life – collectible custom designs, funny-sayings mini-shirts, xxxl sizes and tall variants, formal men and long-sleeve women ones, the list goes on. First round design idea, however, goes to: Soon Mo Kang.