Slides were once our main means of capturing visual memories – from slide images taken by individuals at home and on trips to (now rare and collectible) souvenir slides of famous places around the world. One talented designer (RedCamper) has skillfully taken these classic icons of nostalgia to create custom contemporary bag designs.
Comprised of high-quality materials all around, the slides that are used in each unique bag have been gathered and grouped by all kinds of themes including regional collections, specific trips and world tours. Customers can also send in their own slides to have a personalized, customized one-of-a-kind bag created for them. Each slide is individually vacuum-sealed off-site to ensure an archival seal and shipped back for sale.
Some bags come with the story relating the origin of the slides – a last-minute vacation to Hawaii, a special one-time trip taken by a group of women or the rare, limited-edition lunar landing slide from Life Magazine after man first touched down on the surface of the moon.
What started with a handbag has expanded into an entirely line now sold around the world in stores. Something this unique was bound to be just the beginning, as the creative laptop slide bags below demonstrate. These handy contemporary shoulder bags use the same vintage elements, blending retro style with modern functionality.

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Whether you want something for your own next world tour or a unique present for a friend or loved one, these bags are certainly a spectacular blend of original and innovative, old and new, funky but high-quality. Check out the online store at RedCamper for more.