maxim velcovsky melting ice lamps

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Glass and ice are made in similar ways: a liquid substance is made into a solid one. The Frozen Lamp series from designer Maxim Velcovsky for lighting company Lasvit puts that similarity on display in a sophisticated set of pendant lights.

ice lamps

The hanging lights look like carefully formed ice that is just beginning to melt. The glass looks slightly elongated and liquid, as though it is reaching slowly toward the floor.

lavsit melting ice lamp

Each Frozen Lamp is individually hand-blown, making them all like small bespoke works of art. The glassblower must decide on the perfect time to pull the glass from the heat, creating a one-of-a-kind lighting fixture and freezing a singular moment in time.

melting ice lamps

The glass is thick enough to diffuse the light a little so each lamp gives off a warm glow. Due to the variance in the thickness of glass from one lamp to another, the diffusion differs between lamps. Whether hung separately or in a group, these ice-like Frozen Lamps are beautiful, nature-inspired, functional works of art.