As their offbeat collection of ceiling, floor and wall lighting fixtures, lamps and bulbs illustrates, the Kyouei Design approach to fabricating new furnishings and redefining lighting design ranges from humorous and offbeat to inventive and innovative.


The blood lamp and wall light shown above are only the most well known lighting designs by but are far from the only ones.


With a few added elements, a simple paper lantern becomes a giant light bulb – a light within a light if you will.


Talk about portable and easy to assemble, this balloon fixture cannot be turned off except between inflations, but at least the light inside is a simple LED that rarely requires recharging and does not generate enough heat to pop the plastic around it.


Light bulbs are notoriously dangerous, deceptive in their power to illuminate a space softly but to burn you at the slightest touch. This heat-resistant bulb lets you take back the space around your light for whatever purposes you choose.


Rolled up and pinned down, this paper table lamp compresses to be less than an inch thick when packed up but unfolds to take up the same volume as a typical mid-sized table lamp.


Another simple lighting option: take your television or computer monitor and turn it into an ambient light source with a simple DVD or CD that shifts colors over time to preserve the screen.