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It is so simple, a child could do it: take a combination of leg, seat and/or surface pieces hanging from the wall (like some kind of abstract modern decor) and put them together however they work for what you want to do. Forever unfinished, this flexible system has no nails, screws or glue and can be taken apart again after as many uses as required.

Studio Gorm is exhibiting this work in Berlin at the moment, but hopefully will ultimately produce an inexpensive offshoot for sale as well – the cuts are easy, forms straightforward, and kit-of-parts approach makes for easy flat-pack shipping.

Various specious of solid wood – oak, beech, ash, walnut, hickory and fir – make the board pieces stable enough to be supported on a few cylindrical legs. Tapered ends stop the spindles from piercing the surfaces, making for a smooth, flush and elegantly simple joint.

For some structures an extra infill piece is required to reinforce against torque and lateral loads, easily slotted into an interstitial level as shown in the pictures above. In even-more complex cases like lamp joints, magnets are used instead of simple fit-together solutions.

When not in use, everything can be disassembled and hung up on the wall. The next stage would be to make these so they can stack together in more complex ways – or perhaps the simplicity is part of the ultimate success (and limitation) of this crafty designer idea.