Superdesk 1

A white resin ribbon cuts a curving path through an office for a digital creative agency, seating all 125 employees and rising into occasional arches filled with storage niches. Finished in a gleaming gloss like a surfboard, the ‘Superdesk‘ eliminates the need for cubicles and creates semi-private spaces for meetings.

Superdesk 2

Superdesk 3

Designed by Clive Wilkinson Architects for New York City-based The Barbarian Group, the structure turns furniture into architecture, complete with roofs, dividing up a large warehouse-like space into smaller and more intimate sections.

Superdesk 4

The arches direct foot traffic through the space, while the continuous design creates a dialogue between different divisions of the company, an effect that architect Wilkinson describes as “making a village within a building.”  Benches and additional tables are built into the rooms-within-rooms created in the areas where the white desk surface is raised.