UNDO Cushion
Most Americans spend an average of 13 hours sitting every day. While that fact should inspire us to get outside and move around more, it also makes us wonder — what are we sitting on for all that time?
A modern mindfulness company has recently taken the internet by storm by asking exactly that question. UNDO has been flooding our newsfeeds as it invites those with busy work schedules and buzzing social lives to take a second, sit down, and meditate.
If you asked someone ten years ago what meditation was, they probably wouldn’t have been able to give you a very good answer. Today, true meditation is easily achievable, as multiple apps offer guided sessions that range from five minutes to an hour in length. The only issue is staying comfortable and allowing all of our daily tasks to slip from our minds.
UNDO Cushion
The key to meditation is finding a comfortable position that you can stay in for a decent amount of time. Most people find this surprisingly difficult, as one can easily become anxious when staying in one spot. Lucky for us, UNDO has collaborated with LEADOFF STUDIO to design the perfect meditation pillow, which is guaranteed to keep you relaxed in an ergonomic position for the duration of your session.
The cushion is comprised of multiple layers of foam, which compress when you sit and support your posture by gently rocking you forward to align your hips and back. The science behind this design allows users to sit close to the ground for prolonged period of times without experiencing any discomfort.
UNDO Cushion
UNDO helps us realize that using our bodies and minds at the same time isn’t as hard as we thought. “We are more than our inboxes, to-do’s, and titles. We are human beings not human-doings. And we’re here to bring the benefits of mindfulness to the masses, one inhale at a time. We’re a movement grounded in stillness, encouraging a new generation to pursue the present. We believe that being enhances doing, that life is best lived in the present moment, and that stillness is for all. We’re ready to slow down, rise up, and take back our calm,” explains the company on Facebook.
UNDO Cushion
The featured cushion only comes in neutral-colored fabrics, as it was important to UNDO and LEADOFF to steer clear of the “hippie” vibe that is often associated with meditation. This allows you to place your cushion anywhere in the house without disrupting your existing color scheme. The cushion’s small size also makes it perfect for meditating on-the-go.
UNDO Cushion UNDO Cushion

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“A meditation pillow like the UNDO Cushion is the perfect blend of design and science for a seat that is aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional. The cushion promotes perfect posture, which makes clearing the most cluttered of minds fairly easy,” writes HelloGiggles.
This is a cushy essential for any home meditation space. You can purchase your own UNDO Cushion online for just $150.