The hand-crafted woodwork of Livio De Marchi is a remarkable tribute to malleability of material, the flexibility of design and the artistry of balancing between tradition and technology, convention and innovation.


Working mainly with wood chisels and other hand tools he has carved everything from delicately folded wooden clothing to floating wooden horse-drawn chariots that have floated down the canals of Venice.


While his water-worthy vehicle reproductions are impressively detailed and functional, his interior, furniture and furnishing designs are even more compelling in some ways – objects and textiles normally soft and pliable are rendered solid and surreal.


The clothing and everyday objects he sculpts from wooden have a frozen-in-time quality coupled with lifelike wrinkles and curves down to the finest detail, making use of the natural variegation of wood to play tricks on the viewer.


This sculptor even brings unusual life to objects ordinarily carved out of wood, adding playful wooden books beneath the corner of a bed for example to prop it up and adding whimsical details at every opportunity.