unbutton furniture collection

It’s not often that you hear of a piece of furniture being based on a person, but the Unbutton Collection takes its cues from the pin-up girls of the 1950s. Designer Cristina Bulat wanted to call to mind not the salacious misconceptions of pinups, but the positive depiction of women’s sexuality from decades ago.

low table unbutton collection

small unbutton side table

The styling of the two low bedside tables and one sideboard is reminiscent of a blouse with the top button undone. On the very top drawer of each, this “unbuttoned” portion acts as an impromptu drawer pull.

bureau dresser unbutton collection

cristina bulat unbutton collection

The elegant Scandinavian-inspired lines of the Unbutton Collection give the pieces a lovely retro feel without making the furniture seem dated. Bulat offers the Unbutton Collection in a number of colors at the RO LAND Concept Store.