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Using industrial materials in home-building contexts is not new – many folks love the feel of a steel-beamed factory loft space, while others enjoy rustic turn-of-the-century warehouse conversions. But see-through materials are often missed, like the “asteroid-proof” acrylic aquarium-making materials built to literally contain tons of water.

Peter Jamieson has created a series of mirror-backed glass-like tiles made from the same grade of material used to construct fish, shark and even whale tanks – you will not have to worry about breaking it and the corresponding seven years of bad luck. The effect is also a bit like looking into deep water – narcissus would be proud.

Beveled edges render these blocks safe for home use and their high level of clarity makes for crisp reflections, either head-on or at an angle. Being of tile shape and size, they also slot easily into an existing design framework, standing out from the wall of course due to their depth.