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If buildings dreamed, what would it look like? Animators took this question and animated their answer … in the form of a stunning and surrealistic work of projected art, turning the facade of an ordinary building into a three-dimensional video canvas in this life-like interactive film you have to see to believe.

Taking the Hamburg Kunsthalle, Urban Screen used this work to illustrate the fragility and flexibility of architecture. Within it, the moving graphics seem to effortlessly manipulate the exterior wall of the museum space, making it as malleable and subject to the imagination as a computer rendering program.

Watching this stunning animation art – complete with complimentary sound effects – it is impossible not to doubt your own senses. The sounds of sliding stones in make you ‘feel’ the weight of each moving piece in some more structural sequences.

At other times in the video, the building surface seem to swell and flow like a wave, independent of material or physical laws. And in the end: the ‘curtain’ is pulled up to reveal the real structure underneath, like a magician yanking his white cloth back in a rapid motion to reveal the results of trick beneath it.