Architects are not paid as well as most people believe, so when they can finally afford to build their own dream house it is often a work of extraordinary creativity and style. The Rantilla Residence by Michael Rantilla is no exception: this home in the forest is at once a work of ultramodern genius and a powerful response to its environment.


As is often the case, some of the most visually spectacular moves made in this building’s design grew out of constrictions that become opportunities – such as the incredibly difficult site which drove the building upward and resulted in its being largely lofted out over the ground around it.


A concrete vertical element in the center allows for the drastic cantilevers on each of the three stories of this house, which in turn create open-but-sheltered outdoor spaces below them. From the inside, this creates open interior spaces that thrust out into the forest and create a connection with nature.


The solid core of the building becomes the main circulation and serves the spaces surrounding it. A combination of steel, concrete, glass, aluminum, maple and bamboo bring together natural materials with modernist choices – synthesizing the contemporary style of the home inside and out with the surrounding natural landscape.