Traveling by motorcycle or small car can be a challenge if your goal is to spend your nights in the great outdoors. Most trailers are either so big that they aren’t compatible with these smaller modes of transport, or they’re so heavy that they kill your gas mileage. The ScarabRV is an “ultralight” camping trailer – weighing in at 300 pounds – that lets you take a two-person tent everywhere with you.
The Scarab is significantly easier to use than other small tent trailers. With most other trailers, you have to get out and hand-crank the tent into position. With the Scarab, all it takes is the push of a button on a remote control. The integrated tent’s auto-inflate feature will do all of the work for you, pitching the queen-size tent and inflating the internal air mattress in less than a minute.
You don’t even have to unsnap a cover or remove any parts before inflating the tent. The hard cover opens on its own as the tent inflates, letting you just sit back and watch the magic happen. It’s not a super fancy sleeping space; it really is just a tent that packs into a handy trailer, although optional carpeting and LED lighting are also available. The trailer also has room for a bit of your gear – a 22 cu foot locking storage area can carry up to 250 pounds as you travel.

We may not see the ScarabRV on the road anytime soon, however. An unsuccessful IndieGoGo campaign failed to raise the funds needed to start production, but the creators, Mike and Mary Setzer, seem determined to get their very cool idea out there for other adventurers.