paris micro-apartment

Tiny homes are becoming ever more common, but there isn’t another quite like this tiniest of tiny apartments in Paris. At just 130 square feet, this micro-apartment was once the master bedroom suite of a large living space. Now, it houses all of the necessities in an impossibly minuscule amount of room. The creation of this incredible space was a collaboration between architects Marc Baillargeon and Julie Nabucet.

hidden furniture paris micro-apartment

In order to make the 130 square foot apartment livable, some creative steps had to be taken. The sofa can disappear beneath the platform of the raised kitchen to create an open living space. A home office/workspace is right across the room beneath a bank of large windows and in the midst of abundant hanging storage.

pull out bed and sofa paris small space flat

pulled out bed space saving living room transforming furniture

But when it’s time to turn in for the night, the “sofa” pulls out even further to reveal a full-size bed. The discrete hiding spot makes it almost impossible to guess that there is an entire bed hiding inside.

stair storage for tiny spaces

tiny paris apartment bathroom

The surprises don’t end in the living room, however. The stairs leading up from the main living area to the kitchen conceal a clever storage area beneath the wooden treads. The bathroom, just off of the kitchen, is a light and airy space with a flood of natural light. A sliding door closes the space off and provides a teeny-tiny refuge in a teeny-tiny apartment.