creative custom wood working
It is often said that what makes modern furniture design stand out as different these days is the addition of a twist, some slight of hand or skilled tweak that turns an ordinary contemporary object into something unique and worthy of a second look. In this piece titled Twisted, Dylan Gold took that notion of design-with-a-twist to a cleverly crafted and quite literal extreme.
custom creative wooden dresser
While this elegant work of wood craft would undoubtedly look nice without the angled odd-man-out box, it certainly adds something without detracting from the simple, clean lines of the overall composition. Better yet, this piece transforms based on location, orientation and accessories: this set of boxes can be converted to a wall-hung shelving system, turned into a side table with built-in storage or stood simply on end as a precarious-looking but actually-balanced bookcase.
custom wood bookcase

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Designer Dylan Gold has traveled around the world to study design theories and furniture building techniques, returning home with a slightly shifted perspective that might help explain some of his more unusual and creative works with all of their associated twists.