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It is a stroke of pure genius – and will keep its residence from having heat stroke as well. Lofted living and bedroom spaces, swooping architectural swimming pool and roofline curves – everything about this place speaks to casual, resort-like luxury … which makes the semi-secret sustainable wind, solar and green-roof strategies built into the project by Guz Architects in Singapore all the more impressive.

The undulating, wave-shaped roof is not just a nod to the beach-front nature of the property but a calculated strategy for taking advantage of various potential natural power sources, tapping into the unique energies available in waterside locations.

Having solar collectors arrayed around the edges, an inhabitable green-grass section in the center and the overall overhang allows natural breezes to ventilate elevated rooms as well as the open poolside patio and deck spaces below the main interior levels set up on stilts for minimal garden-level impact.

The solar panels are cleverly concealed as part of the overhanging roofs; they are shaped, colored and textured to look like a simple, sleek and completely complementary design accessory that relates to the rest of the roof and creates shade underneath graceful, wing-like panels. In turn, this curved aesthetic translates into organic forms for the pools and other spatial edges of non-structural elements around the home.

Other wonderful details include: an round island with a tree right in the middle of the swimming pool, floor-to-ceiling windows for maximum views of the larger water body beyond the site and and overall white-and-wood theme that makes the entire composition seem contemporary while keeping it warm, cozy and tropical-feeling in the process.