Trinity Hammock 1

Few items of furniture embody relaxation as well as the hammock, especially when these suspended loungers are perched in a tranquil location like the beach or a wooded backyard. Two creations by Trinity Hammocks ensure that nobody has to fight over this prized napping spot: triple hammocks, in both modern and traditional designs.

Trinity Hammock 2

The three-sided Infinity hammock looks like a work of art, with three large circles made of tubular steel leaning against each other to support a trio of soft hammocks. A teak table suspended from the center offers a surface for drinks and books.

Trinity Hammock 3

Trinity Hammock 4

The Eternity Hammock comes in a more conventional gazebo-like shape, with wrought iron scrolls. It also has a central table, but adds a canopy to keep loungers out of the rain. The hammocks themselves are available in handwoven acrylic yarn, or quilted fabric.

Trinity Hammock 5

The base of each hammock structure measures just about three meters in diameter, so it’s compact enough to fit in many backyards and other outdoor spaces.