What do a priceless skipping stone, seatbelt-wrapped suitcase and a boot with a tread as unique as your fingerprint have in common? Each is the work of one designer, Dominic Wilcox, who shows the thought-provoking potential of putting a simple spin on everyday attire, from costume-worthy accessories to almost-believable apparel.

It is always hard to throw ‘away’ the best skipping stone you find, knowing that after it sails there is no getting it back – but now it may be even harder. Coated in gold leaf and fit to a custom leather pouch, each of these creations is naturally as unique as the underlying rocks of which they are made. This skipping (or: skimming) stone was hand-selected by the designer (or: collector) while traveling, much as any person might peruse rocky beaches and keep only the stones most likely to skip rather than splash.

Bags have so many straps these days, they almost seem to take over the entire design at times – though usually not as completely as in this case. Tasked with making a limited edition, one-off variant of a designer shoulder bag, Dominic took the art of strapping to a new level.

Why do our fingers get all of the attention, when our feet leave the most visible impressions in the rain? Sure to be embraced by certain authorities and rejected by privacy protectionists, these boots were built with the artist’s fingerprint cast into the plastic soles – at least if he gets lost while daydreaming (or designing more ingenious items), folks will know where to start looking.