tentsile tree tent

Design your own pop-up Ewok village in the woods or in your backyard with a series of suspended tents that can even be stacked on top of each other to create portable multi-level tree houses.

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A company called Tentsile is lifting tents up off the ground and into the branches, offering a series of designs in a range of shapes, colors and sizes. Use them alone or in groups, paired with accessory hammocks for entire suspended villages.

Tentsile tree tents stack

The Vista is a three-person tree tent with a removable top so you can lounge open-air, gaze at the sky through an insect net or stay dry in a rain shower. The trick to combining multiple Vista tents into a tent skyscraper of sorts is the floor hatch in the center, which makes it easy to climb from one level to the next.

three stacked tentsile tents

The floor of each tent is a triple-point hammock called the Trilium. Add as many extra hammocks as the height of your supporting trees allow, sleeping nine adults or more, with three on each level. The rain fly roof can be extended outward to create a large 110-square-foot covered porch area on the ground under your tent.

tentsile family tree tent
tentsile tree tent from below

Each of the Tentsile tents just needs three healthy trees for support. In addition to the Vista, designs range from the lightweight two-person Flite, perfect for backpacking, to the hardy three-person Stingray.

tentsile in the snow

“Thanks to the 3-point anchor and anti-roll system, our Tree Tents and Giant Hammocks are already some of the comfiest tents you can find and offer a special camping experience. However, you can make you camping holidays even more memorable by creating a Tentsile Stack.”

“The Tentsile Stack is a unique, multi-storey camping setup which combines a Tree Tent and Hammock to increases both the sleeping capacity and storage of your tree tent. Stacks allow you to camp across multiple levels and give your family or friends a comfortable, spacious base-camp in which to have fun and to relax.”